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Is internet dating for you?

by Bread Of Life on 01 Mar 2014 permalink
Is it worth your time conducting a conversation with a stranger only to find out the other party is not interested in meeting you face to face or worse they are projecting a false persona on purpose?

The internet is your oyster as the saying goes - but what sort of pearls are you likely to find out there? No doubt there must be some success stories for the manager of dating sites to brag about - but is it the exception rather than the norm?

If you are autistic then internet dating is probably your patch. For the rest of us who rely on non-verbal clues in our communication this is quite a bind. The voice intonation, the body language, the way people dress, the table manners and so many other details make face to face contact a rich experience.

Being led astray for too long by a stranger who is holding you at mouse length is not a joyful experience. One has to ask the question: Why would you resort to such an artificial social interaction if you live in a city? What has the person got to hide? Are you being groomed by a monster? Is the person hiding a major disability? Is it a massive fear of rejection? Are there loads of emotional baggage? Are we dealing with a victim of rape or incest?

What happened to the matchmakers of old? That is more to the point. Since the systematic attack on the family divorcees are shunned from social interaction. People do not entertain strangers in their homes anymore. People do not organise parties in order to get unrelated folks to cross paths. We do not care about someone else's welfare anymore. Let alone their emotional and social needs. Look at the crowds on the platform at the railway station. Do they talk to each other? Do they acknowledge each other as human beings or do they behave like animals with a herd mentality?

No wonder the casualties of broken homes are being treated like outcasts. The cycle of abuse repeats itself. More rejection causes people to behave in such a way as to be rejected again. They either confirm their prejudice that nobody cares about them by being rude or they are just posers as to blend with the wallpaper. Someone has to break this vicious cycle somewhere! If you are on your own practise the art of breaking a conversation with strangers - compliment them of something you see about them. If you belong to a group watch out for those hovering on the periphery - invite them in, make them feel accepted. The more you practise spotting out a newbie the more chances you will be spotted as the attraction of the party.



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