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Lonely hearts dept - anybody out there to make me feel good?

by Bread Of Life on 14 Dec 2013 permalink
Are you alone, lonely or lonesome? Being the only person living at your abode is not a death sentence. Maybe something on the inside needs to die first before you can move on with your life.

Do you need to connect with someone of the opposite sex to become somebody? Would you rather be self-sufficient in order to stand up on your own two feet? There are seasons in life which can be brought in by unforseen circumstances. God can bring the good out of a bad experience. Will you let Him this time or will you have to go through the experience one more time to learn your lesson?

In fact you are never alone. Even in solitary confinement God is there. The problem it's hard to get His phone number or hang out at a coffee shop with Him. You have two choices: Either spiral down to a deeper pity party with yourself or rise up to His level.

The fact that God loves you and cares for you should be great comfort to many lonely hearts. Maybe the one thing God wants you to learn this time is this: You are ready for a new relationship when you do not need a new relationship. Astounding isn't it? Another pet phrase to ponder about is this: It is more blessed to give than to receive.

Now you've got it. The cure to loneliness is to turn the tables around. Instead of focusing on your own big fat self find an issue in your world you can become passionate about and give it your 110%. Then and only then as you freely give of your effort and substance with altruistic motives will you attract like minded people who will want to share the journey with you.

There is a link between boredom, loneliness, lack of goals and self-esteem. You will find your identity by what you believe and that will manifest itself by what you do.

So is God unfair by letting you be miserable in that pit of despair? Not at all. He looks at you from an eternal standpoint and sees the finished product in you. You only see the narrow slice of time where you are right now. The missing ingredient is faith. The ability to trust God to make you the person He created you to be - will you cooperate or will you rebel against His plan for your life?



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